Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance

An act of Buddha worship and general repentance. Strike the bell and bow after every paragraph and after each of the 88 Buddhas’ names.

To the Greatly Kind Compassionate Ones who rescue living beings,
The Ones of Great Joyous Giving who rescue conscious beings,
The Ones Adorned with the Light of Hallmarks and Fine Characteristics,
The Assemblies return their lives in worship with utmost sincerity.

Namo, I take refuge with all the Buddhas of the Ten Directions to the Ends of Empty Space.

Namo, I take refuge with all the Venerable Dharmas of the Ten Directions to the Ends of Empty Space.

Namo, I take refuge with the Sangha of all Sages and Worthies of the Ten Directions to the Ends of Empty Space.

Namo the Thus Come Ones, Worthy of Offerings, of Proper and Universal Knowledge, Perfect in Understanding and Conduct, Skillful in Leaving the World Through Liberation, Unsurpassed Knights. Taming Heroes, Teachers of Gods and People, Buddhas, World Honored Ones.

Namo Universal Light Buddha

Namo Universal Understanding Buddha

Namo Universal Purity Buddha

Namo Tamalapattra and Chandana Fragrance Buddha

Namo Chandana Light Buddha

Namo Mani Banner Buddha

Namo Treasury of Happiness and Accumulation of Many Jewels Buddha

Namo Supreme Great Vigor that All Worlds Delight to See Buddha

Namo Mani Banner and Lamps’ Light Buddha

Namo Wisdom Torches’ Shining Buddha

Namo Sea-Vast Virtue’s Radiance Buddha

Namo Vajra-Firm and Shedding Golden Light Everywhere Buddha

Namo Great Firm Vigor and Courage Buddha

Namo Greatly Compassionate Light Buddha

Namo King of Kindness and Strength Buddha

Namo Treasury of Kindness Buddha

Namo Adornments and Victory in Chandana Cave Buddha

Namo Worthy and Wholesome Leader Buddha

Namo Wholesome Mind Buddha

Namo King Vast Adornments Buddha

Namo Golden Flowers’ Light Buddha

Namo King Self-Mastery Power Like A Jeweled Canopy Shining In Space Buddha.

Namo Light of Precious Flowers in Space Buddha

Namo King Adorned with Lapis Lazuli Buddha

Namo Form-Body’s Light Appearing Everywhere Buddha

Namo Light of Unmoving Wisdom Buddha

Namo King Demon -Horde –Subduer Buddha

Namo Gifted and Brilliant Buddha

Namo Wisdom Victory Buddha

Namo Maitreya, Immortal Light Buddha

Namo King Well-Stilled Moon-Sound and Wonderful Venerable Wisdom Buddha

Namo Pure Light for the World Buddha

Namo Supreme and Venerable Dragon-King Buddha

Namo Light of Sun and Moon Buddha

Namo Pearl Light of Sun and Moon Buddha

Namo Victorious King Wisdom-Banner Buddha

Namo King Lion’s Roar and Power of Self-Mastery Buddha

Namo Wonderful Voice and Victory Buddha

Namo Banner of Eternal Light Buddha

Namo Lamp that Contemplates the World Buddha

Namo King Awesome Lamp of Wisdom Buddha

Namo King Dharma-Victory Buddha

Namo Sumeru Light Buddha

Namo Sumana Flower Light Buddha

Namo King Rare as the Udumbara Flower Buddha

Namo King Great Wisdom-Power Buddha

Namo Akshobya, Light of Joy Buddha

Namo King Infinite Voices Buddha

Namo Gifted and Bright Buddha

Namo Golden Sea of Light Buddha

Namo King Wisdom Like Mountains and Seas and Self-Mastery’s Penetrations Buddha

Namo Light of Great Penetrations Buddha

Namo King Forever Replete in All Dharmas Buddha

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

Namo Vajra-Indestructible Buddha

Namo Precious Light Buddha

Namo Venerable Dragon-King Buddha

Namo Vigor’s Army Buddha

Namo Vigor and Joy Buddha

Namo Precious Fire Buddha

Namo Precious Moonlight Buddha

Namo Manifesting Without Delusion Buddha

Namo Precious Moon Buddha

Namo Undefiled Buddha

Namo Apart From Defilement Buddha

Namo Courageous Giving Buddha

Namo Purity Buddha

Namo Pure Giving Buddha

Namo Swo Lyu Na Buddha

Namo Water Deva Buddha

Namo Firm Virtue Buddha

Namo Chandana Merit and Virtue Buddha

Namo Infinite Handfuls of Light Buddha

Namo Bright Virtue Buddha

Namo Virtue Free of Worry Buddha

Namo Narayana Buddha

Namo Flower of Merit and Virtue Buddha

Namo Lotus-Flower Light, Roaming in Spiritual Power Buddha

Namo Wealthy in Merit and Virtue Buddha

Namo Virtue and Mindfulness Buddha

Namo Merit and Virtue and Good Renown Buddha

Namo King Blazing Red Imperial Banner Buddha

Namo Skillful Travel and Merit and Virtue Buddha

Namo Victorious in Battle Buddha

Namo Skillfully Traveling Buddha

Namo Encompassing Adornments and Merit and Virtue Buddha

Namo Precious Flower Traveling Buddha

Namo King Precious Lotus Skillfully Dwelling Beneath the Sala Tree Buddha

Namo Amitabha Buddha, Whose Body is the Treasury of the Dharma Realm.

And all other Buddhas like them, World Honored Ones of All Worlds, Who Dwell in the World Forever.

May all the World Honored Ones kindly be mindful of me,
as I repent of the offenses I have committed
in this life and in former lives.
Throughout births and deaths without beginning,
Whether I have done them myself,
told others to do them, or condoned their being done:
Such as taking things from Stupas, from a Sanghan, or
From the Sangha of the Four Directions,
Either taking them myself, telling others to take them, or condoning their being taken;
Or committing the Five Avici offenses, either committing them myself, telling others to commit them, or condoning their being committed;
Or committing the Ten Evils,
Either Committing them myself, telling others to commit them, or condoning their being committed;
All such obstructing offenses, whether hidden or not,
Which merit my falling into the hells or among the hungry ghosts or animals or any other evil destiny,
Or into a lowly life, a life in the border regions, or a life as a mleccha;
I now repent and reform all the obstructing offenses I’ve committed.

Now may all the Buddhas, World Honored Ones, certify me;
may they be mindful of me. Before all the Buddhas, World Honored Ones,
I further speak these words:

Any good roots that I have gained in this life, or in past lives,
Through giving, through guarding pure precepts,
Simply through giving a morsel of food to an animal, or through cultivating pure conduct;
Any good roots from bringing living beings to accomplishment;
Any good roots from cultivating Bodhi;
And any good roots from attaining supreme wisdom:
All of them, accumulated and reckoned up throughout my lifespans,
I transfer to Annutarasamyaksambodhi.
My transference is like the transferences made by all the Buddhas of the Past, Present, and Future.

I repent and reform every offense,
compliantly rejoice in all blessings,
Seek the Buddha’s merit and virtue,
and vow to accomplish the unsurpassed wisdom.

To all Buddhas of Past and Present, supreme among living beings,
With seas of infinite merit and virtue,
I now return my life in worship.

Throughout the worlds in the Ten Directions,
Before all Lions Among Men in the Past, in the Present, and also in the Future,
With body, mouth, and mind entirely pure,
I bow before them all, omitting none.
With the awesome spiritual power of Samantabhadra’s Vows,
I appear at the same time before every Thus Come One,
And in transformed bodies as many as motes of dust in lands,
Bow to Buddhas as many as motes of dust in lands.

In every mote of dust are Buddhas as many as motes of dust,
Each dwelling amid a host of Bodhisattvas,
Throughout motes of dust in endless Dharma Realms it is the same:
I deeply believe they are all filled with Buddhas.
With seas of each and every sound, I everywhere let fall
Words and phrases, wonderful and endless.
Which exhaust all kalpas of the future, and
Praise the wide, deep sea of the Buddhas’ merit and virtue.

Flower garlands supreme and wonderful,
Music, perfumes, parasols and canopies,
And other decorations rich and rare,
I offer up to every Thus Come One.
Fine clothing, superior incense
Powdered and burning incense, lamps and candles,
Each one heaped as high as wonderfully high mountain,
I offer completely to all Tathagatas.
With a vast, great, supremely liberated mind,
I believe in all the Buddhas of the Three Periods of Time:
With the strength of Samantabhadra’s conduct and vows,
I make offerings to all Thus Come Ones Everywhere.

For all the evil deeds I have done in the past,
Based on beginningless greed, anger, and delusion
And created by body, speech and mind,
I now know shame and repent of them all.

Of all beings in the Ten Directions,
The Learners and Those Past Study in the Two Vehicles,
And all Thus Come Ones and Bodhisattvas,
I rejoice in all their merit and virtues.

Before the Lamps of the Worlds of the Ten Directions,
Those who first accomplished Bodhi,
I now request and beseech them all,
To turn the foremost wondrous Dharma Wheel.

If there are Buddhas who wish for Nirvana,
I request with deep sincerity,
That they dwell in the world for as many Kalpas as there are dust motes in Kshetras,
To bring benefit and bliss to every being.

All good roots from worshipping, praising, and making offerings to Buddhas,
From requesting that Buddhas dwell in the world to turn the Dharma Wheel,
From compliantly rejoicing, from repenting and reforming,
I transfer to living beings’ attaining the Buddha’s Way.

May this supreme merit and virtue
Be transferred throughout the unsurpassed true Dharma Realm.
To the Nature and appearance of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha,
These two truths are fused and understood by the impress of Samadhi’s sea.
Of all such infinite seas of merit and virtue,
I now make complete transference.

May all the Karmic obstruction of living beings’
Body, mouth, and mind—view delusions,
False accusations, self, dharmas, and so forth—
Be entirely extinguished without remainder.

In every thought may my wisdom encompass the Dharma Realm,
And widely cross over living beings to irreversibility,
Till the exhaustion of the realm of Empty Space,
And the Exhaustion of Living Beings, of Karma and of Afflictions.
Just as these four Dharmas are vast and boundless,
I now vow that my transference will be so, too.

Namo Universal Worthy Bodhisattva of Great Conduct (3 times)